Monday, August 10, 2009

Bye Bye deep-fried buckeyes!

I did not think it was possible, but I have had ENOUGH fair food! After recent trips to The Ohio State Fair and The Hartford Fair, not to mention my daughter's 3rd birthday which carried a fair food theme, I have had my fill of greasy deep-fried yummy food! So this week I am cutting myself off. Yes, I still have corn dogs and big pretzels in my freezer right now, but I cannot have them. In fact, they don't even sound good anymore. What they say is true; you can have too much of a good thing. (although fair food probably doesnt really qualify as a "good" thing)
So, it is back to trying to eat responsibly. Fruits and veggies (not deep fried) and some fish or lean meat will have to be on my plate this week. I wonder if putting steamed broccolli on a stick will make me want to eat it?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No need for video!

Isn't it awesome how we have many capabilities for recording life these days? With not only video cameras, but hand held devices and cell phones that can record...we can pretty much capture any moment on a dime. Last night my husband Jeff and I took our daughter Olivia for a walk around our new neighborhood. Jeff and I left our cell-phones in the house, and gave Livvie our undivided attention. It was so much fun! There is a little park with a slide and swings, and we played with abandon. Olivia got a kick out of watching her parents swinging or sliding right along with her, even if it was at a much slower pace! After we had enough of the park, we began to walk home. Olivia at almost 3 loves to skip, and began skipping along and invited Mommy and Daddy to skip along with her. At first I felt a little funny, but soon her laughter and squeals of delight made me forget myself, and we were all skipping along at full speed! I started to sing we're off to see the wizard....and my usually quiet hubby, who was skipping like a pro, joined in. There we were, just the three of us...holding hands, skipping along and singing for all our new neighbors to see. It was the most fun we have had in a long time, only because it was with such joy. A friend remarked after hearing the story that maybe a neighbor taped us and posted it on youtube. I hadn't thought about that....but I almost wish that would have happened, so I could watch it. Thing is, I really don't need to see a video of this....I can replay it in my mind right now and see the smiles...a priceless memory I will keep with me for a lifetime! Isn't it nice to know the memories we make with our families each day don't have to be recorded for us to remember them? Family vacations, little walks, even a car ride can create a really cool memory! Hope you make one today!

Monday, July 27, 2009

In case you don't believe that I have had a little trouble adjusting as a working mom, note how often I update my blog!!! I have decided to make a true effort this week to update my blog each day. We will see how that goes. Today's issue for me is the fact that my daughter turns 3 this Sunday. I could sit here and write several reasons why I have waited until the last minute to put her party together, but I won't because the fact remains that for her first 2 birthdays I sent invitations out a month in advance (with her picture on it) and had a little theme, and basically put quite a bit of thought and planning into them. But this year, I got no invitations out ahead of time, in fact I was on the cell phone yesterday asking my family members one by one if they could be at our house in one week to celebrate. Instead of the designer cakes or cupcakes of the first celebrations, we will be having a lovely Dora Cake from Sam's club (much to Olivia's delight) and our theme will be "State fair time"...mainly because while at Sam's I noticed they sell state fair corn dogs, big pretzels, and the like! I don't know if a corn dog is a meal, but it will be this Sunday. Once again, I realize I am not the perfect mom. I will not be doing a Martha Stuart and making all the placemats and take home favors for my guests. But what we will have is all of our family together, and a whole lot of love, and I am hoping that will count for something to make her 3rd birthday one she will remember!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8...over?

I guess it was no big suprise that Jon and Kate (plus 8) are splitting up, but it still makes me very sad. I have mentioned that I don't really watch the show, but you don't have to these days. You can know what is going on without having to see a single episode. They announced on the show last night they are splitting, and at the time said the show would continue. I would really hate to see these children have to go through the divorce of their parents on television! I heard this morning that the show will go on a short I am hoping this is for the children's sake. Despite the intense media attention this family is getting, we really do not know the whole story here. Even though papers have apparently been filed, there still could be a chance for this couple. Perhaps we can all say a little prayer for the healing of a marriage. And if that isn't the case, that the children can be spared as much pain as possible. I can't help myself..the mom in me worries about their kids. Not only the impact that this situation will have on them, but for children that have only known a life of cameras following them around, what will life be like someday when the camera's are gone?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ever have one of those days?

My Friday started out in a couple of cups of coffee before I hit the road, and had a fairly uneventful half-hour drive into work. I was thinking about everything we would be discussing on the show today when I started to sit down at my desk...only my chair was NOT where I thought it was! I fell backwards, grabbed my garbage can as if it could save me, and fell hard! Just as I was co host Todd came walking by...and with perfect timing, saw the whole thing. SO EMBARRASSING! He asked if I was ok, and when he heard my laughter, started laughing too! Then of course he could not wait to get on the air and talk about it. At this point I would love to say that this sort of thing is a rare occurance for me, but that wouldn't be true. I am by nature kind of clumsey. And it seems to go in cycles. So I took my lumps through the morning like a big girl. It was pretty funny! Then during a break my mouth made some funky noise that went over the air...and of course Todd heard it....and so did everyone else! At this point in my life I have learned to take this all in stride. Afterall...we are not perfect...I am REALLY not I just learn to roll with the punches. Isn't it good to know that God loves us, no matter our imperfections? I wonder if he gets amused when we do something silly? I am just glad I can entertain, and that I didn't hurt anything other than my pride! How bout you? Ever have one of those days? I would love to hear about it! And look at it this least it won't be on the radio for everyone to hear about! I promise.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Allergy Medicine means business!

If you are suffering through allergies right now, you are not alone! Seems like everyone is sniffling and sneezing some these days. Mine are horrible! Last night I was so miserable I decided that in order to breathe and or sleep, I would need to take some nightime allergy medicine. Unfortunately I waited until just before I went to bed to take it..which meant I only had about 5 and a half hours before my alarm needed to go off after I swallowed it! The warning said you should have about 8 hours of sleep time because it causes drowsiness. I am here to tell you that you need to listen to that little warning! I slept through my first alarm, and most of my second! But I did get up in time, and yawned all the way to work...and I am still tired! On the upside I can breathe!!!! Which is a plus! Its kind of a bummer when you have to choose between staying awake and breathing, but some days are just like that! Despite all that, it has been a great morning so far! We had fun on the air, and I enjoyed talking with listeners. I also had the chance to talk with Donna VanLiere, who is a NY Times best selling author. She wrote the book "Christmas Shoes" among others. She has a new memoir out called "Finding Grace" that talks about some really tough issues she has dealt with in her life; an incident that no child should have to endure as a kid, infertility, and more. She talks about how God brought her through, and opened her heart to adoption to help her build her family. We gave some copies of the book away, but if you would like to find out more about the book "Finding Grace" you can check out her website Suddenly my allergies seem very insignificant!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reality tv gets harsh

Reality TV is getting a little too real for me. Everyone is talking about Jon and Kate plus 8...and not really in a good way. I have to admit that I do not watch that show...I just don't have time to put it into my schedule, But I have friends that have loved watching it. Unfortunately the pressures of living your life in front of everyone may be getting to them. Their family appears to be in real trouble. The marriage has hit a rough patch to say the least. I am worried about what all the attention will do to the kids. All of the chaos appears to be good for ratings, because nearly double the amount of people watched the season-opener this week as did last seasons finale several weeks ago. Does this mean we like to watch people fail, or go through difficult times? Do we feel better about our own lives when we watch others having a tougher time than us?

I think they might need to take some time off AWAY from the cameras and try to work out their marriage, or REALITY might get too harsh for all of them. Some things don't need the blinding glare of the media.

Would a happy, well adjusted family with God at the center be too boring for us to watch?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

After 2 days of really nice weather, it is easy to be in a great mood. Even though I am feeling a little under the weather, the sunshine has helped keep my mind off of it! There is just something about that first really nice day after a long dreary winter, don't you find? The warmth of the sun feels wonderful, you see all your neighbors, that like you have been "hibernating" and it puts a smile on your face. It is even more special to share that experience with my daughter. She notices everything around her, and finds wonder in the smallest things. Birds, trees, grass...the stuff I tend to take for granted totally blows her away! We spent a good half hour trying to catch birds...and even though I knew it was futile, I consider it time well spent! I look forward to more of those days with Olivia. Today, I also have to admit that I am feeling sad about the death of actress Natasha Richardson. It is so tragic when a mother is taken from her kids too soon. Her sons are 12 and 13, and I cannot imagine the pain they are feeling today. I know some of you must. My thoughts and prayers go out to that family. I think sometimes when a person is a celebrity people forget about their families, and the true loss they are feeling. I hope you will join me in saying a prayer for them today. Thanks for checking in today. I hope you make this a great day! Talk with you in the morning!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I hope you had a great weekend. I enjoyed mine quite a bit. I was thinking about it as I drove into work this morning, trying to figure out what about it was so wonderful. Of course the first thing that struck me was extra time with my husband and daughter. It's a shame that we spend most of our time at work or away from our loved ones, and that we just get to steal a few hours with them on weekends. Seems like it should be the other way around, right? The other thing that made this such a great weekend was I slept really well every night. I cannot remember the last time that happened. Then I wondered when I made the transition from thinking a great weekend was getting alot of sleep as opposed to all the good times I had. Pretty funny...but sleep seems a little more important to me these days as I try to transition back into the workforce from staying at home with Olivia. So I did do a couple of things besides sleep...I worked craft patrol for our Preschool Praise and Worship. Now that was a fun time! Lots of glitter glue, markers and stickers. I came home a colorful mess...and am confident a few parents got some sparkling suprises when they got home. It's all washable. And the kids had a great time learning how God created the Sun, moon and stars. Besides...what harm is a little glitter glue going to do? A wise person once said when you are lying on your death bed you will never be upset that your children colored on your walls...So...let them color!!!! Join us tomorrow....we have some fun conversations in store....about the comments people make when you change your hairstyle. Plus later this week my interview with Natalie Grant. See you in the morning!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Have you ever looked in a mirror, or at picture of yourself and wondered, "What has happened to me? THAT is NOT what I look like!!!" I am having one of those WEEKS! This little bout was triggered by some pictures posted on my Morning Show web page from the afternoon I spent at the Central Ohio Home and Garden show. I just look so frumpy. My hair is a mess, I look heavier than I want, and I am getting older. I know, I know, God made us and we are a beautiful creation, but honestly...even knowing that and believing it, there are still days I just feel plain old frumpy! I guess I realized this week that my daughter is going to be 3 in august, so I cannot go around using her as an excuse. When I first had her, it was my excuse for holding on to the baby weight. Now she is the reason I can't seem to exercise like I should. Well...enough is enough! I want to make sure that I take a little extra time to get ME ready after I tend to my daughter. I have already started eating healthy, which was a really big step for me. Now I need to add the exercise, and just a little extra effort getting myself ready each day. I just think it will make me feel better as a wife and mother. I am so thankful that God doesn't look at me with the same critical eyes I use on myself! He loves me for who I am, and sees my inner beauty. As I give myself just a bit of an overhaul in the coming weeks, I will also take time to remember that what is inside is far more important than the outside package...and that needs time and attention too! Next week I will be playing some excerpts from my interview with Singer Natalie Grant...she shares some of the same misgivings about herself as a mother of twins....and she is one of the most beautiful and talented women around. She also has the inner spirit to match. I hope you will join us next week to hear her words. Have a great weekend! Be Beautiful!!!!